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2010D: Post-shed
2010D: Post-shed
3/3/2011 7:35:42 AM

Sire: ID# 8N5, Yellowbelly 100% Het Piebald
Dam:  ID# 6C5, Piebald
Clutch ID: 2010D
Hatch Date: 8/20/10
Results: We hatched out 2 male Yellowbelly Pieds AKA Pumpkin Pieds, 1.1 Piebalds, 1 male Yellow belly 100% Het Piebald, and 1 female 100% Het Piebald.  We are very excited with how these guys turned out!  The colors are intense and the pattern is very high contrast with each scale having its own color creating a "pixels" look.  This morph has plenty of future combo potential and we plan to breed our Pastel Pied to our Yellowbelly Het Pied in 2011.  We have better pictures of the Pumpkin Pieds in our Pied Combo's section.

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