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2009K: Fire,Woma/ Pied
2009K: Fire,Woma/ Pied
8/19/2010 8:48:12 PM

Sire: ID# 7FM, Fire; 7WM Woma ball python
Dam:  ID# 4PR, Piebald
Clutch ID: 2009K
Hatch Date: 9/5/09
Results: We hatched out 1.1 woma balls 100% het pied, a really bright male fire 100% het pied, and 1.2 brightly colored (normal?) hets.  Since we already hatched a female woma het pied in another clutch, we let this one go, but we kept all of the others.  We didn't get a picture of these right out of the egg so they are getting close to shedding in this picture and their colors are muted.  Please check the Gallery for post-shed pictures to see how colorful they were.  We really weren't sure if some of them were fires so we kept them all.  It is true that fires brighten up with age and after a year it is apparent that only the one is a fire, but the others are still quite colorful.  Hopefully some of the clutches in 2010 will help us understand what is going on here.

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