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Welcome to Pied Peddler's website!

We have been breeding ball pythons since 2003 and we officially launched the business in 2006 under the name of Arizona Pied Peddler.

We have always loved ball pythons and the Piebald ball python is our passion!  We started out with a diverse breeding group of 5.5 Het Pieds produced by six different breeders in 2003 and 2004.  We continued to improve the genetic diversity of our breed stock by breeding them with some of our own ball pythons, we brought in a few more Het Pieds, and we are now crossing the Pieds with several morphs. By doing this we continue to increase the gene pool of our animals and we get a great variation in color and pattern in the Pieds and Hets as well as the visual impact of Piebald combo morphs.

Please browse through these pages to see some of our history, the projects we are working on, and the quality animals we are producing today.  Thank you for visiting our site!

Paul & Susie Fisher

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